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Piercing is one of the oldest and most interesting forms of body decoration. For centuries, various cultures have practiced piercing for different reasons. In some, it is a symbol of courage and combativeness, while in others, it symbolized masculinity. In modern times, piercing is very accepted and widespread in our culture as well. Piercing can be done for various reasons and is not tied to any specific behavioral rule. As for the places that are pierced, the usual ones are: nose, navel, eyebrow, ears, and there are also bolder options such as: tongue, nipples, or genitals. Recently, there has been interest in piercing on unusual parts of the body, i.e., surface piercing. People who enjoy this form of body decoration come from various ages, professions, and orientations. It is a reflection of their individuality.

Important information:

  • Piercing should be performed by professionals who are trained according to standards that guarantee health safety.
  • The jewelry used for the first time after the piercing should be made of materials that are maximally tolerable for the skin.
  • It is important that it does not contain Nickel, due to possible allergies.
  • Titanium, Niobium, and Teflon are recommended.
  • Instruments used during piercing must be sterilized, needles should be for single use, and surgical gloves should be worn during the procedure.

The piercing procedure is as follows:

  • The skin at the site to be pierced is disinfected. It is marked according to the anatomy of the skin.
  • Surgical forceps (peans) are used to pinch the marked area.
  • The needle is quickly passed through the skin.
  • The jewelry is mounted.
  • Cleaning follows and the piercing is complete.

The whole procedure lasts a few minutes, and the pain is momentary. Proper care of the piercing lasts a minimum of 2 months and it is very important to follow the instructions and maintain hygiene, which depends solely on you.

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